Parlor Concert M’lou Brubaker plays banjo learn more

June 9, 7 pm

West MI B&B Cookie Tour

December 6-7, 13-14 . read last year’s description.

M’lou Brubaker on Banjo

Sunday evening, June 9, 7 pm.

Join us Sunday evening as M’lou entertains us with two

of her hand-made and finely crafted banjos. No overnight stay required.

“I will play on the 1860’s style banjo I made, as well as on my latest make, a gourd banjo styled after earlier plantation and Caribbean banjos, with some elements from African instruments such as the akonting.

My banjo tunes come mostly from banjo tutorial books from 1855 and 1865. This music was the first popular commercial music style of America. It was all the rage from around 1840 to 1870! It is commonly called Minstrel music, but soon moved to the parlors of middle and upper class players. I may also play some from the variety of American folk tunes that I like to do.”


hand-crafted embellishment on banjo
detail of carving on banjo